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Ever wonder where Goliath Grouper can be found to have a chance at catching one on a fly rod? These giants spend their younger years in clear shallow water. Read this and then get out there and find them!
When it comes to fly fishing, casting does not come easy. Like anything else, it takes a lot of practice to perfect a skill or art form. Keep in mind that you don't need to live on a blue ribbon trout stream or on the edge of the ocean to get your practice in and become a better fly angler. Small bass ponds or little lakes will do the trick.
This is your guide to help you prepare for the next alien invasion! Tyler Puisello shares with us all the "need to know" tactics to be fully prepared for the next invasion of the salmon flies!
"First, don’t be afraid to scrap your entire “plan” and try something completely different. Secondly, keeping an open mind will always lead to growing as an angler." Wise words from Ryan Gallagher in this blog about changing your plans and shifting out of your comfort spots.
"Every spring Striper anglers flock to their favorite backwaters and salt ponds across New England to fish the mythical Cinder Worm Hatch." Learn how to tie a quick and effective fly for when the striper go crazy for these sea worms.
An EPIC trip may have possible ruined trout fishing for Max Wagenburg forever! Read up on Max's first trout experience. This salt water boy was definitely spoiled by the trout gods.


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