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How To Tie The Secret Cinder Worm Fly For Striped Bass

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How To Tie The Secret Cinder Worm Fly For Striped Bass

What is the worm hatch and why this fly? 

Every spring Striper anglers flock to their favorite backwaters and salt ponds across New England to fish the mythical Cinder Worm Hatch. These small sea worms mate on the water’s surface for a few nights every spring, and for those few nights Striped Bass of all sizes pour into these backwaters to feast. If you can hit the hatch right, the fishing can be lights out; but the ultra-picky nature of the hatch means hitting it right and actually fooling a Striper is a lot easier said than done. After a few years of trial and error, I came up with a fly that definitely gets it done: so tie some up to have some ready for your first or next worm hatch mission.


1. Start with a size 2 or 4 saltwater hook in your vise.

2. Tie in marabou tail at the hook bend. The tail should be sparse and about 1 hook shank long.

3. Tie in saddle hackle and then two strands of peacock herl at the base of the tail.

4. Palmer peacock herl and then saddle hackle forward and tie off with about two eye’s lengths of hook shank left before the eye.

5. Tie in another strand of peacock herl and then a small piece of foam on top of the hook shank and then wrap your herl forewords to cover the exposed hook shank and foam tie-in points. Tie off the herl and tag end of the foam right at the hook eye and whip finish.

6. Trim hackle and foam head to desired lengths.

Photography & Written byNate Holmes

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