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From its inception in 2015, Renegade Fly Rods has been built on a single-minded promise, “built for the next generation”. A generation that is rewriting the rules for a group of anglers that don’t follow the rules.


Our Collective grew out of a group of avid, hardcore fly anglers, that lead in a new direction and show us there isn’t only one way to do this. This collective rises in the darkness and finishes in the darkness no matter the weather or the day of the week. No fence is too high and no water is too sacred.

We offer you value for your money by purchasing direct from our collective. We promise our products perform to quality standards and provide reliability under the most exciting conditions.

Our gear spans all water: salt, fresh, brackish, moving and still. Our collective tested these on the rivers, lakes, flats and those curious local drainage ditches that we all wonder “is there is a fish in there?"

Find out for yourself that Renegade gear was designed to match your fishing attitude. Now target your fish, select your stick and we will see you out there.


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