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Perfecting Your Cast

  • 1 min read

Perfecting Your Cast

The stage is set. You’ve successfully purchased your first fly set up..(Hopefully something from our Renegade line) and you’re ready to go chase some tailing redfish. Wait..he’s moving fast to the left and roughly 60 feet away. Are you ready to make that shot?

Fly casting is an art form. There’s no “right” way to do it and everybody has a different style. From loading your cast to shooting line there are several avenues you catake to master the craft. Youtube, fly casting lessons, and simply being around others who are in the sport can all be really helpful tools to utilize.

However, there’s nothing like experience to help you define your parameters of fly casting. Simply put; get out there and do it. I wanted to shed some light on the biggest teaching tip that helped me. Two words: Bass ponds. When I first got my start, I could not throw a fly to save my life. My loops were s**t, my distance was immeasurable, and the accuracy was non-existent. I was fortunate enough to have access to several ponds that were perfect for perfecting the fly cast.

Day in and day out I would frequent these ponds and throw until my arm fell off. Overtime, I was able to pick up the “feeland ability to place casts where I wanted and throw distances, I couldn’t have dreamed of a month prior. There’s no substitute for experience, get out there and do it.

Photography by Alex Blackwell 

Written by Ty Duplaga

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