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Saltwater Ponds: A Landlocked Paradise

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Saltwater Ponds: A Landlocked Paradise

Let’s face it...not all of us are cut out to have a shinypoling skiff sitting pretty in our driveway. Boats areexpensive and most of the time a pain in the butt (B.O.A.T) aka break out another thousand.

As anglers, we often hear stories of insane bites on our local sand and mud flats..For the boatless, it'smore of a disheartening testament to our misfortunes. To do this day, I do not own any sort ofwatercraft, but I can assure you that I’ve found many opportunities to chase the saltwater fish we havecome to love.

Aside from shore access the southeastern united states are home to thousands of saltwater influencedponds that hold redfish, tarpon, sheepshead, blackdrum, and snook...just to name a few. These isolatedwaterbodies are often overlooked and generally untouched, making fishing out of this world. Shallowwater and decent visibility make these locations excellent for fly casting and sight fishing.

Finding these ponds isn’t too hard using satellite imaging from google maps. Look for retention pondsclose to creeks and tidal rivers and you’re generally in luck. As they say, you cant catch them from thecouch so get out there and see if you can find you some!

Photography & Written byTy Duplaga

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