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Black Series Reel

The Black series reels are made to complement the favorite stick in your arsenal. Each has a large arbor design to accommodate adequate backing and your line of choice. They are fully CNC with a debris proof drag. The primary home of this reel is freshwater. Its overall weight lends it to be best paired with lighter rods. 

  • Traditional Large Arbor design for reduced maintenance drag and increased line retrieval rates.
  • Smooth cork on Teflon and stainless-steel disc system with one way clutch for smooth immediate engagement.
  • Fully CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for durability in all weather conditions.
  • Neoprene pouch included. 
Black Series 3-4 wt
4.9 OZ
Black Series 5-6 wt
5.4 OZ
Black Series 7-8 wt
5.9 OZ
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