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Peacock Bass - Where and How to Target Them!

  • 2 min read

Peacock Bass - Where and How to Target Them!

Everyone always stresses about where they are going to fish. Many times, the wind will be blowing, or tides just don’t work out. Luckily in South Florida there is always a back up plan. ”Ah sh*t, what's the plan now?” is something that always comes up in conversation. Peacock bass are a great alternative for tough days on the water.

There are many things I look for when trying to find pea’s. Some water movement, cleanwater, and a good amount of food is key.

When looking for spots, water movement always helps. I’m not saying that there has tobe, but it always helps. Culverts and connecting bodies of water are great indicators ofwhere these colorful fish chill. If you find culverts anywhere, odds are it’s going to holdfish, whether it is peacocks, Tarpon, or even Snook, you can find them in places likethat.

Clean water is a key part of finding good spots. Think about it. Would you drink dirtybottled water? Probably not. These fish are the same. They don’t want to live in nastywater. Actually, sometimes you can find these fish in bad water quality, but it's hard tofind them. For pea’s, which are an exotic fish, their colors pop in clean water, hensemaking them easier to find.

One last important aspect I look into while trying to find peacock’s is good food. Always  try to match the hatch. If you can properly do that, your life will be 10x easier. You’llprobably catch more fish too. When looking for these exotic fish, if you can't match thehatch, clousers, and EP style baitfish are always what should be thrown. Bright colorsthat make you say, “what in the hell is that.” is what i would recommend using.

Sh*tty weather days and horrible tides shouldn’t stop you from fishing in South Florida.There are always back up plans that can make your day. It may be tough to find theseexotics, but you'll never know what you may come across! Tight lines!

Photography & Written by Max Wagenberg

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