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Six Weights are for The Boys

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Six Weights are for The Boys

What do most people think of for a standard inshore fly setup? I know my first was the classic 8wt and obviously there is good reason to make this choice. It’s that sweet-spot for finesse and power, the jack-of-all trades if you will. I’m not here to tell you that 8 wts are bad options for chasing redfish. However, If you’re like me and like a little bit more “feel” the 6 wt is another contender for battling your target species.

Sixes are like fine wine and when you’ve got a rod that casts like a dream it can be some of the most fun to sling some crab imitations around. The feel of the lighter set up makes the experience a little bit more intricate and intimate. Most 6 wts contend well with slot fish and can handle those a little bit larger. I’m not going to tell you go try to pull fish off bridge pilings but in the saltmarsh flats they handle everything that comes your way.

Adding one of these lighter setups to your quiver will allow for a more technical approach. Admittedly some days you’re just going to have to leave it tucked in the rod holder. This is not a replacement for your 8 wt its just another tool in the box and a different perspective for the angler. Luckily, here at renegade we offer several options to choose from, give it a shot. You wont be disappointed.

Written and Photography by Ty Duplaga

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